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This forum is a nerd club for people interested in stuff like the occult, alternative history and archaeology, racial theory, esoteric nationalism, magick, aliens, psi powers, etc. Basically it was made for discussion, research, study and camaraderie over these and similar topics.

Unlike other forums that might have similar subject matter, like GodlikeProductions or Lunatic Outpost, this is The Ahnenerbe, it's explicitly for White/European/Caucasian people with Nationalist/Fascist/Neoreactionary/AltRight ideologies. You don't HAVE to be a White Shitlord to post here, but most people will be! The name is a bit tongue-n-cheek, this isn't solely for National Socialists or Germanic Heritage nerds. Hopefully the scope will be quite a bit larger than that.

Trolls and AntiFa disruptors will be banned. Sperging out will make you liable to be mocked. I hope to foster a fun community with loose rules. A funny zing is not the same as a personal attack. Personal attacks will not be allowed, if a Flammenkrieg breaks out, the thread will be locked. Standard boilerplate stuff.

Also, this is not really a politics forum! Politics are cool, you can talk politics, but the main thrust of this forum is metaphysical, spiritual, historical, and scientific.

Ok, thanks for reading this and enjoy! If you would be so kind, when you register please make a post in the introductions thread!

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